Laserliner CableTracer Pro

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Universal and flexible cable locator set with transmitter and receiver


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The cable locator, consisting of a transmitter and receiver, locates live cables, circuit breakers, fuses, metal pipes and more. This can prevent serious mis-drilling. The transmitter feeds signals into the line to be tested. The receiver recognizes the lines with the fed-in signal without contact. Line breaks in existing installations and short circuits in laid cables can also be determined. The signal coding allows the use of a maximum of seven transmitters and one receiver, ideal for working in complex installations. It can also be operated without mains voltage.

    • Versatile for locating electrical wires, fuses, circuit breakers, metallic pipes and more
    • Exact and interference-free localization with bar graph, numerical display and acoustic signals
    • AC Voltage Detector finds live wires
    • Determination of line breaks in existing installations and short circuits in laid installation cables
    • Contact-free tracking of the transmission signal by the receiver
    • Suitable for use in complex installations through signal coding
    • Flexible use with and without mains voltage
    • Practical display of the current settings on illuminated LC displays
    • High level of security thanks to permanent voltage warning
Optical and acoustic tracking of the transmission signal

line tracking

broadcast signal setting

signal encoding

Adjustable sensitivity increase

DC/AC voltage

measuring range display

Warning of 230V lines

Numeric digital display

output signal

125 kHz

Locating line / voltage

Single-pole application: approx. 0 … 2 m Two-pole application: approx. 0 … 0.5 m Voltage search: approx. 0 … 0.4 m

overvoltage category

CAT III – 300V


bar graph

power supply

2 x 9V 6LR61 (9V block)

temperature (working conditions)

0°C … +40°C

Scope of delivery:

Sender CableTracer TX
Empfänger RECV
Connection cable
Measuring tips
Measuring clamps
Carrying case




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Laserliner CableTracer Pro

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Laserliner CableTracer Pro

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Laserliner CableTracer Pro

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