Geo-FENNEL FL 300HV-G EasyGRADE mit FR 45

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The simplest grade laser


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Simply use the % buttons on the laser to set the percentage of the X-axis inclination – done. Ideal for slope applications in surface drainage, paving and landscaping 0.1% to 6.9% range covers most needs in simple slope applications.
Horizontal: Self-leveling -or- manually tiltable with the remote control
Vertical: Axis alignment with the remote control
Easiest 1-axis inclination setting, large working range, TILT / VWS measurement reliability functions PowerSwitch technology: the performance data of a class 3R laser in laser class 2 IP 66, high accuracy and robustness, Li-Ion battery

    • Vertical: Self-levelling. Y axis alignment with remote control
    • Horizontal: Self-levelling. Numerical X-axis tilt adjustment. Manual Y-axis tilt with remote control
    • Automatic TILT function
    • VWS function (vibration wind protection)
    • 90° plumb beam
    • Dust / water protection IP 66
Device type

Red Lasers


Measuring range 40 m


± 0,1 mm / m

self-leveling range

± 5°

working area Ø

approx. 1200 m with receiver

laser class

2 / < 1 mW

laser wavelength

635 nm

rotation speed

800 rpm

Degree of protection

IP 66

power supply

Battery pack NiMH 4.8 V, 3800 mAh

operating time

approx. 40 hours

tripod connection


Scope of delivery:

FR 45 receiver with retaining clip remote control
Li-ion battery
International charger (UK / Euro / US / AUS)
Battery compartment for alkaline batteries
Integrated floor support



Geo-FENNEL FL 300HV-G EasyGRADE mit FR 45

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Geo-FENNEL FL 300HV-G EasyGRADE mit FR 45

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Geo-FENNEL FL 300HV-G EasyGRADE mit FR 45

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