Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2

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The fully automatic rotating laser made in Germany

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The rotating lasers of the PRIMUS 2 series are highly precise under all operating conditions: in continuous rain, in the freezing cold, in scorching heat. Horizontal, vertical or in incline mode. Whenever it matters. The PRIMUS 2 housing is protected against water and dust according to IP 66. After use, the PRIMUS 2 can even be hosed down and cleaned. Thanks to the innovative shock protection system inside the housing, the rotating lasers of the PRIMUS 2 series can easily withstand a fall from a height of 1 m. Additional safety is provided by the solid rubber housing and the rotor protection made of shatterproof glass. All PRIMUS 2 rotating lasers are equipped with high-quality laser diodes with a wavelength of 635 nm. You can choose between high-power laser diodes of laser class 3R or laser diodes of laser class 2 with Bright Beam TechnologyTM. Optimum visibility of the laser beam is thus guaranteed even in the most unfavorable light conditions. NiMH high-performance rechargeable batteries with EneloopTM technology guarantee an extremely long service life of over 100 hours and minimal self-discharge. The intelligent energy compartment allows you to quickly switch to a reserve battery or from battery to battery operation and vice versa. Tired of cumbersome handling? The rotating lasers of the PRIMUS 2 series are characterized by intuitive operation and easy handling.
have off. In addition to the standard 5/8” connection thread, all PRIMUS 2 lasers are equipped with the Quick-Fix
Equipped with a quick release system. The laser can be attached to any tripod in a matter of seconds
be resolved again. Simply flip the lever to attach or detach. Complete.

    • Fully automatic rotating laser for horizontal use
    • Robust, motorized levelling
    • Automatic height monitoring stops the laser in the event of a strong shock.
      This avoids height errors
    • Well visible high-power laser diode (laser class 3R) for uncomplicated work in the
      close range
    • Alternatively available with laser class 2 with Bright Beam TechnologyTM
    • Large, clear display to show the operating status, rotation speed, etc.
    • Rotor protection made of shatterproof glass
    • Laser receiver ACCEPTOR pro+ with heavy-duty receiver holder made of die-cast aluminium
    • Extremely easy to use
    • Highly precise under all operating conditions
    • Available with an optional 900 rpm rotation speed, perfect for machine controls
Device type

Red Lasers


Reception range laser 700 m


± 0,5 mm / m

self-leveling range

± 5°

working area Ø

approx. 700 m with receiver

laser class

2 / less 1 mW, 2 / less5 mW

laser wavelength

635 nm

rotation speed

600 rpm, 900 rpm

Degree of protection

IP 66

power supply

Battery pack NiMH 4.8 V, 8500 mAh

operating time

approx. 100 hours

tripod connection


Scope of delivery:

Laserempfänger ACCEPTOR MAXX mit Heavy-Duty receiver Holder
Quick fix
Charger and carrying case

Product info

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Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2
Nedo PRIMUS 2 H LK 2