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The Roto HVG rotary leveling device projects horizontal lines all around, inclined planes and a plumb point


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We offer you the most precise, most powerful, most reliable waterproof rotating laser, namely CONDTROL Roto HVG with a range of up to 600 m. Excellent technical specifications in combination with innovative technologies and a wide range of functions are highly appreciated by professionals in the field of construction, geodesy and landscaping. Reliable, robust and precise, this laser takes its rightful place among other tools of yours.
CONDTROL Roto HVG projects green laser lines. Taking into account the spectral sensitivity of the human eye, this color is 4 times brighter than the red color at the same power of laser diodes. Therefore, green line is more visible at long distances, which increases the range of the rotating laser. The included laser receiver can be used in unfavorable lighting conditions.
CONDTROL Roto HVG is one of the best rotating lasers in its price segment.
CONDTROL Roto HVG has a class II laser diode, which enables the best visibility of the laser line. The included laser receiver can be used in unfavorable lighting conditions.
Roto HVG has maximum protection against unfavorable influences. The protection of the housing is the highest among the valid standards – IP 67. The device is not sensitive to dust, dirt and water. It is therefore perfectly suited for working on construction sites.
The metal cover flap ensures protection of the Roto HVG rotary head. The rubberized plastic housing is shockproof and non-slip. The control panel is made of a wear-resistant material that cannot peel or crack from the cold. The keys respond to every keystroke, even when touched with gloves.
The rotating laser Roto HVG has a user-friendly interface. You shouldn’t leave your work station to manually adjust a laser line or set an incline. The Roto HVG is controlled by the remote control. The device has handy and ergonomic handles. Thanks to this, it is very easy to transport and set up the rotating laser.
Roto HVG is self-levelling horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the built-in inclination sensor, inclinations of up to ±10° can be determined in two axes. With the plumb beam function (zenith and nadir) you can quickly transfer the point from the floor to the ceiling. The supplied laser receiver extends the range to 600 m.
With the Roto HVG rotating laser, you can easily carry out construction pit monitoring, leveling of the floor slab, ceiling cladding, installation of seamless floor surfaces, installation of partition walls and other construction and repair work. The laser will become an indispensable helper in false ceiling installation and facade construction, in the implementation of landscape projects.

    • Exact horizontal and vertical alignment of objects
    • Long reach, ideal for excavation and excavation work
    • Time-saving, fully automatic alignment via sensor automatic
    • Manually aligning slopes
    • Comfortable and reliable tripod
    • The telescopic aluminum level TS 5M is an indispensable surveying and construction tool
    • Laser modes: spot, scan, rotary and handheld mode
    • Attachable tripod/wall mount with 5/8″ thread for vertical use
    • Self-leveling in Y and X axes
    • Plumb function up and down (zenith, nadir)
    • Digital laser receiver with millimeter scale
    • The accuracy is 3 times higher than that of line lasers
    • Efficient parallel work and battery charging
    • Tough, waterproof case
handheld mode

scan mode

point mode

Manual tilt function

Precision sensor leveling

Battery and mains operation

Tilt warning function


Horizontal / vertical automatic with electronic levels and servomotors

tripod connection



± 0,09 mm / m

self-leveling range

± 5°

rotation speed

0 rpm, 120 rpm, 300 rpm, 60 rpm, 600 rpm


max. 600 m


reference beam

laser wavelength

520 nm

laser class

2 / < 1 mW

Degree of protection

IP 67

power supply

4 x 1.5V LR6 (AA), 4 x 4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V

operating time

approx. 15 hours

temperature (working conditions)

-20°C … +50°C

Scope of delivery:

Roto HVG
Batteries 4 x 4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V
Batteries 4 x AM-2 LR14 C type, 1.5V
Laser receiver
Bracket for laser receiver
Remote control
Laser safety goggles
Magnetic target
Operation manual
Transport case
Geodesic tripod Geo
Telescopic Leveling Staff TS5




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