Laserliner AirflowTest-Master

Brand: SKU: 082.140A
Professional anemometer for measuring air flow, volume flow and wind speed

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The professional anemometer enables the precise measurement of air flow, volume flow and wind speed. The integrated sensors constantly determine the ambient temperature, relative humidity and calculate the dew point temperature. With the hold function, the current measured value can be kept in the display. The device has a USB interface and PC software for real-time logging. The 1/4″ tripod connection allows easy attachment to the test area, ideal for long-term measurements. The clear, illuminated display makes it easy to use.

    • Exact measurement of ambient temperature, humidity and dew point
    • USB interface and PC software for real-time logging
    • Large impeller
    • Min./Max. display
    • Tripod connection for long-term measurements
    • Easy to read display
Device type


wind speed



ambient temperature

dew point temperature


Data exchange

Measuring range ambient temperature

-10°C … +60°C

Ambient temperature accuracy

± 1,5°C

Measuring range air humidity (relative)

20% … 80%

Accuracy (absolute) Humidity (relative)

± 3% (20% … 80%), ± 5% (0% … 20%, 80% … 100%)


Mini USB

Measuring range wind speed

1.30 … 98.50 ft/s 0.80 … 58.30 knots 0.90 … 67.20 mil/h 78 … 5900 ft/m

Measuring range air volume flow

0 … 99990 m³/min 0 … 99990 ft³/min 0 … 9999 m³/s



power supply

1 x 9V 6LR61 (9V block)

temperature (working conditions)

0°C … +40°C

Scope of delivery:

USB cable
Carrying case




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Laserliner AirflowTest-Master

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Laserliner AirflowTest-Master

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Laserliner AirflowTest-Master

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