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The Digi Roto HVR rotary level projects horizontal lines all around, inclined planes and a plumb point

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The Digi Roto HVR CONDTROL rotary leveling device is designed for high-precision planning and creation of slopes. This multifunctional device will be an indispensable assistant for professionals involved in road, house, earth and landscape construction, where the quality and schedule of projects depend on the reliability and accuracy of the measuring tool. Grade marking is much more convenient with the Digi Roto HVR rotary level than with devices without a display. You can adjust the tilt angle as accurately and quickly as possible (within ±10%). Digital tilt along the x, y axes allows you to create a reference axis with the specified tilt, which is shown on the device display and console. The X-act Roto Laser Receiver extends the range up to 600 m. Equipped with a two-sided LCD display that allows you to monitor the position of the marking lines on both sides of the housing. Compared to ordinary receivers with pointers ↑↓, it has a larger sensitive area (±45 mm from the center) and a millimeter scale. The high degree of protection IP65 ensures reliable operation of the receiver under all environmental conditions. More information about the advantages and technical features of X-act Roto can be found on the product page. Digi Roto HVR can automatically self-level horizontally and vertically thanks to a servo drive with highly sensitive electronic sensors. The function of zenith and nadir point projection helps you to quickly move the marker from bottom to top.
The Digi Roto HVR housing is securely protected from moisture, dust, dirt and small particles. Thanks to the high dust and water resistance class IP 67, it is ideal for use under difficult construction site conditions.
The rotary level is equipped with a metal cover that reliably protects the laser head in the event of a fall or impact. The rubberized case has anti-slip and anti-shock properties. The control panel is made of durable material resistant to cold, moisture and friction. In addition to the X-act Roto company receiver, the scope of delivery includes safety goggles, which make it easier to see the line marking, and an easy-to-use magnetic laser target with stand.

    • Exact horizontal and vertical alignment of objects
    • Long reach, ideal for excavation and excavation work
    • Time-saving, fully automatic alignment via sensor automatic
    • Manually aligning slopes
    • Laser modes: spot, scan, rotary and handheld mode
    • Attachable tripod/wall mount with 5/8″ thread for vertical use
    • Self-leveling in Y and X axes
    • Plumb function up and down (zenith, nadir)
    • Digital laser receiver with millimeter scale
    • The accuracy is 3 times higher than that of line lasers
    • Efficient parallel work and battery charging
    • Tough, waterproof case
handheld mode

scan mode

point mode

Manual tilt function

Precision sensor leveling

Battery and mains operation

Tilt warning function


Horizontal / vertical automatic with electronic levels and servomotors

tripod connection



± 0,15 mm / m

self-leveling range

± 5°

rotation speed

0 rpm, 120 rpm, 300 rpm, 60 rpm, 600 rpm


max. 600 m


reference beam

laser wavelength

635 nm

Laser wavelength reference beam

635 nm

laser class

2 / < 1 mW

Degree of protection

IP 67

power supply

4 x 1.5V LR6 (AA), 4 x 4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V

operating time

approx. 35 hours

temperature (working conditions)

-20°C … +50°C

Scope of delivery:

Digi Roto HVR
Batteries 4 x 4000 mAh SC Ni-MH 1.2 V
Batteries 4 x AM-2 LR14 C type, 1.5V
Laser receiver
Bracket for laser receiver
Remote control
Laser safety goggles
Magnetic target
Operation manual
Transport case




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